Who are we?

LH Law & Consulting is created in 2017 as a boutique firm by lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in their areas. The firm offers both corporate consulting services in specialized areas such as human rights due diligence according to international standards, as well as legal services of administrative and legal advice and judicial representation. LH Law & Consulting has provided services during its more than 6 years of existence to important companies and multinationals not only in Colombia, but also from countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, England and Switzerland, among others.


As a boutique firm, we stand out for providing our clients with a personalized, dedicated and agile service with the highest legal and professional standards.


In January 2023, LH Law & Consulting opened its offices in the United States, from where it offers specialized consulting and advisory services for companies based and operating throughout the region. 

Our Partners

Tatiana Londoño

Founding Partner
Director of International Law and Human Rights Practice Area

Alexandra Hoyos

Founding Partner
Managing Partner
Director of Corporate Law Practice Area

Juan Manuel Arboleda


Our Practice Areas and Services

Commercial Law

International Law and Human Rights

Constitutional and Administrative Law

LH Law & Consulting Opens its Offices in the USA

In January 2023, LH Law & Consulting opened its offices in the United States, from where it provides corporate advisory services and specialized Business and Human Rights consulting services to companies of all sizes located in the different countries of the region.


From this location, LH Law & Consulting operates Humane-Biz, its social impact project created through a joint venture with Equilibre Consultores designed to provide specialized consulting services according to the highest international standards to SMEs and companies that are part of value chains throughout the region.

LH Law & Consulting approves its Political Commitment to Respect Human Rights

The partners of LH Law & Consulting have approved the firm's Political Commitment to Respect Human Rights, and communicate it to their stakeholders. 

In addition, they established a permanent channel of communication with the firm regarding complaints and queries related to respect for human rights within its operations or those of its stakeholders, which can be accessed by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at +57-601-6535009.


Click on the image to see the Political Commitment.

Our Partners in the Media

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