Administrative Contracting

LH Law & Consulting has extensive experience in public contracting and procurement. We carry out the structuring of the offer by national and foreign bidders and the accompaniment and intervention in all the stages of the administrative contracting process, particularly in the hearings prior to the scope of the content of the bidding documents, risk distribution and awarding of the contract. 


Likewise, we provide advice in the stage of conclusion and execution of the contract with the corresponding accompaniment in the discussion of eventual sanctioning processes for its execution and liquidation. The advice to the bidder includes the evaluation of the ideal form of the formulation of the proposal via single or plural bidder, by any of the means provided for in the Public Contracting Statute. 


Tatiana Londoño is the Area's Managing Partner. Tatiana has a graduate degree in administrative law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, after which she worked as a lawyer in the State Contracting Group of the Ministry of National Defense and later, as Inspector General Delegate for the Preventive Surveillance of the Civil Service, from where she worked with a team of more than 40 lawyers, monitoring and supervising the entire contractual activity of the Colombian state.